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Sell Your Clothes!

Sell Your Clothes!

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• No buying available this week

 Check back on Sunday for updated drop in schedule.

NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY - Just show up during the drop in hours. 

Important notes 

  • We will only look through a maximum of 2 bags of clothes (2 reusable shopping bags. Not garbage bags)
  • We are significantly less likely to accept any clothes from a smoking home
  • Clothes should be laundered before arrival. 


What we look for ! 

• Popular brand names 

• Excellent used condition 

• In style/trendy 

• Casual and athletic wear 

• Vintage and Streetwear 

What we aren't looking for...

• Dirty clothes 

• Dated/out of style clothes 

• Formal wear - Suits and Gowns 

• Kids clothes 

• Low end brands 

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