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Sell Your Clothes!

Sell Your Clothes!

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Buying days for May 20th to May 27th

 May 22nd 11-12


Check back May 27th for more availability 


want to consign your clothes? Click on  "consignment closets" at the top of the home page.

Want to trade your clothes for store credit!? 

we will accept trades for store credit anytime. Just DM us via Instagram and we will set up a time ! 


NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY - Just show up during the drop in hours. 

Important notes 

  • We will only look through a maximum of 2 bags of clothes (2 reusable shopping bags. Not garbage bags)
  • We are significantly less likely to accept any clothes from a smoking home
  • Clothes should be laundered before arrival. 
  • We are being extremely picky. It is likely we may pass on your clothes if they are heavily worn, older than three years, low end brands, unknown brands or not In style at this moment.


What we look for ! 

• Popular brand names 

• Excellent used condition 

• In style/trendy 

• Casual and athletic wear 

• Vintage and Streetwear 

What we aren't looking for...

• Dirty clothes 

• Dated/out of style clothes 

• Formal wear - Suits and Gowns 

• Kids clothes 

• Low end brands 

Most Wanted Right Now 

• Anything Carrhartt 

• Vintage Graphic T Shirts (70s,80,90s,2000's)

• Lululemon 

• Aritzia 

• Sneakers


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